Once considered primarily a tool for the wealthy, Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) have started gaining mainstream adoption. DAFs are currently the fastest-growing vehicle in all of philanthropy, with more than $45 Billion in donations through DAFs in 2021 🤯

Never again do you have to worry about missing out on a DAF donation. And gone forever are the days of manually processing donations from DAFs. In three simple steps, Givebutter’s DAF donation method, powered by Chariot, initiates DAF donations, and the funds are on their way!

screenshots of DAF donation process

Top Benefits

  • Allow donors to easily donate with their Donor-Advised Fund directly through any Givebutter donation form

  • Receive larger donations—average DAF donation is $4K and median is more than $500. Plus, donors see their DAF account balance in the donation flow and are invited to "boost" their donation.

    example of a DAF donation screen
  • Collect DAF donor information (typically hidden from recipients using other methods)

  • Track DAF donations in your Givebutter dashboard

  • Send targeted emails and texts to your DAF donors using Givebutter Engage

  • Set up in minutes for free with no coding

Supported Donor-Advised Funds

DAF donations powered by Chariot currently have end-to-end integrations with more than 50% of the Donor-Advised Fund market enabling donors to donate with their DAF in 3 simple steps.

Supported DAFs:

  • Fidelity Charitable

  • Schwab Charitable

  • National Philanthropic Trust

  • Charityvest

Chariot is currently in the process of building integrations with the remaining DAF providers. When a donor selects an unsupported DAF, they will be redirected to choose a different donation method.

supported versus unsupported DAF

DAFs that are coming soon:

  • Vanguard Charitable

  • National Christian Foundation

  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation

  • Daffy

  • Jewish Communal Fund

  • Groundswell

  • Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

  • OJC Fund

  • Pledger

  • The Donors Fund

  • and many more!

Pricing for DAF donations

There are no set-up fees from Givebutter or Chariot to use this feature.

Chariot charges a 2.9% + $0.30 processing fee for facilitating DAF donations in 3 simple steps. You can enable the option for donors to cover these fees*, and when asked, 95% of donors on Givebutter do cover fees.

Due to the unique nature of DAF donations, Chariot charges its processing fee only after the donation is sent out. Your credit card or bank account on file with Chariot will be charged automatically at the end of each month for any unpaid processing fees.

When a donor chooses to cover the fee*, the donation will be increased by that amount (rounded to the nearest whole number because DAFs can’t process cents). Your organization will receive the donation + fee and will be invoiced by Chariot monthly for the fee amount. For example, a $500 DAF donation will become $514.80 with the 2.9% +$.30 fee and rounded to $515. The additional $15 will be paid to Chariot.

Note: Givebutter platform fees and optional donor tips are removed when a donor chooses to donate using a DAF.

* The option for DAF donors to cover fees is coming soon.

How DAF donations are received

Your nonprofit will receive DAF donations in the same way you're used to (through ACH or check) from the DAF organization. You can match the Chariot ID from the grant note and match it to the corresponding DAF donation in your Givebutter dashboard.

How to add the DAF Donation Method to your donation forms

Set up your free Chariot account

  1. Sign up for free with Chariot by providing your EIN and contact information

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Transactions tab and select Complete registration

  3. Click the Continue with Stripe button to securely add your billing method

Get your API Key

  1. Navigate to the Integrations tab and click the Generate API Key button

    an arrow points to integrations and generate API key buttons
  2. Select Givebutter from the menu and click Continue

    an arrow points to Givebutter
  3. Copy your API Key

    an arrows point to the copy button

Add your API Key to Givebutter

  1. Login to your Givebutter dashboard

  2. Navigate to Account and then Integrations

  3. Under Third Party, find Chariot and click Expand

    arrows point to numbered steps
  4. Paste your API Key and click Save

That’s it! 🎉 You’re all set and now donors will see the DAF donation method on all your Givebutter donation forms.

How to view your DAF donations

You can view all your DAF donations, including donor information, in your Givebutter Dashboard on the Transactions tab under Track. You can filter by “Donation Method” and select “Donor-Advised Fund” to only see DAF donations.

an arrows points to the payment method checkbox

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my donors see?

When you have enabled the DAF Donation Method integration with Chariot, your donors will see this additional donation method on all your Givebuteer donation forms:

example of the payment button screen

What is the minimum DAF donation amount?

The minimum DAF donation varies by DAF provider:

  • Fidelity Charitable - $50 minimum

  • Schwab Charitable - $50 minimum

  • National Philanthropic Trust - $250 minimum

  • Charityvest - $20 minimum

If a donor enters an amount less than the minimum and then selects the DAF donation method, their donation amount will be increased to the minimum and they will be notified of the required increase before they confirm their donation.

What if the grant request gets denied by the DAF or I don’t receive my donation?

Chariot will issue a full refund on the processing fee if the donation was not approved. If your donation does not arrive just send the Chariot team an email at [email protected].

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