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How to add images to tickets
How to add images to tickets

Add photos to your tickets on event campaigns to sell items, add seating charts, and more!

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You can add photos to your tickets on event campaigns by adding a direct image URL to the ticket description. This is a great way to add images to items, and it's a perfect spot to put a seating chart!

image in a ticket

Add an image URL to your ticket ➕

  • First, navigate to your campaign's Event tab, then click Tickets in the menu on the left side. Click the three dots [...] next to the ticket you'd like to add a photo to, and click Edit.

edit ticket
  • Locate your image URL. This must be a publicly-hosted, direct image link. You can often get a direct image URL by right-clicking on your image (in a browser), clicking Copy Image Address, or Open/View Image in New Tab, and using that URL.

copy image address

If your image is saved to your computer, you'll first need to upload it to an online host (so you can access it via a URL). This could be your own website or another platform that supports uploading and storing images.

A URL that "links" to your own computer's local storage (ie. a file that's on your own computer, not the internet) will not work, as this isn't publicly viewable by anyone but yourself.

local storage
  • Paste your public, direct image URL in the ticket description, and the image will automatically populate. No link will appear if this URL is added correctly. You can then resize the image if you like.

If you paste your URL, and a link appears (rather than an image), you have not used a direct image URL.

  • Click Save when you're done.

  • Head to your campaign page, click the Donate & Tickets button, and take a look!

seating chart in a ticket

Troubleshooting and FAQ 🤔

I added an image URL, but it's appearing as text instead of an image.

This is because the URL is not a direct link to the image file – it's probably a link to a webpage including the image on it. Please see the above steps for locating a direct URL, or explore the following external resources:

If I add an image to a ticket, is the image included in the ticket that the donor receives? Is the image included in their receipt?

No – images added to tickets are not included on the donor's ticket or receipt. The issued ticket will include the ticket's name, quantity, and description.

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