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How to add images to tickets
How to add images to tickets
Add photos to your tickets on event campaigns to sell items, add seating charts, and more!
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You can add photos to your tickets on event campaigns by adding basic HTML to the ticket description. This is a great way to add images to items, and it's a perfect spot to put a seating chart!

example of images for tickets

Adding HTML to your ticket βž•

  • First, navigate to your campaign's Event tab, then click Tickets in the menu on the left side. Click Edit on the ticket you'd like to add a photo to.

    an arrow points to the edit button
  • Add the following HTML to your ticket description.

     <img src="insert a publicly hosted image link"> 
  • Next, you'll need to replace the text that says "insert a publicly hosted image link" with a URL to your image.

πŸ‘‰ Note: "Publicly hosted" means that the image needs to be hosted somewhere online that's viewable by all, otherwise the image will not display. If you have your own public website, this is often the easiest way to link images.

example of html
  • Click Save.

  • Head to your campaign page, click the Donate & Tickets button, and take a look!

example seating chart

Troubleshooting and FAQ πŸ€”

I added a link, but the HTML or URL is appearing as text instead of an image.

This is because the HTML was not added correctly, so the site isn't reading it as a link to an image. It'll display as text if there are mistakes in the HTML.

html error displaying text instead of image

I added a link, but the image is not appearing.

This is because the URL added to the HTML isn't a valid direct link. Double check that the link is publicly hosted, and that the URL goes directly to the image itself, not a page that simply displays the image on it. You can right click on your image, and click "Open Image in New Tab" - this will send you to the direct link.

html displaying broken image icon

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