How to request a refund

Contact the organization for a full refund, or Givebutter for a tip refund.

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All transactions made on Givebutter are final, per our terms of service. Refunds can be issued at our discretion at the request of either the donor or the campaign admin.

Full refunds 💴

To request a full refund for a donation or auction purchase (including any applicable fees and tips), please contact the organization you made the donation to. Their contact information is usually listed on the receipt that was emailed to you.

Please note that if you submitted your transaction via PayPal, it is not possible to issue a refund more than six months from the transaction date – this is a limitation set by PayPal, not Givebutter.

Tip refunds 🧾

We'd be more than happy to issue a refund for the tip amount and leave your donation as-is. Before you choose this option, please know that tips go a long way toward sustaining our low-fee business model. We provide our platform free to everyone. We pride ourselves on making all fees transparent, and without your tips, we would not be able to support this model. The option to remove a tip is presented to donors during the transaction process by changing the tip amount to "Other."

If you added a tip to Givebutter and would like it refunded, please contact us at [email protected] with your donation reference number (formatted as string of numbers, located on your receipt) and a written request that you would like the tip refunded.

reference number example

Our team is only able to process refunds for Tips left by mistake – we are not able to issue refunds for auction items or donations. Please contact the organization operating the campaign.

Partial refunds 💸

Partial refunds are not yet possible due to technical limitations.

Refund details 🪧

  • Refunds take 5-10 business days to appear on your statement. 

  • A refund receipt will be sent to the email address on file.

  • We will not be able to refund your transaction if its funds have already been withdrawn from Givebutter by the campaign admin. In this situation, all requests for refunds should be made directly to the campaign administrator.

Example refund receipt:

refund receipt example

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