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How to set and edit a campaign end date
How to set and edit a campaign end date
If you're designing a Page or Event campaign, you can set an end date.
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How do I edit my end date?

  • Go to your Campaign in the Dashboard and click Settings in the Campaign Manager.

  • From there, you can scroll down and find "End Date."

  • Edit the end date or remove it entirely.

  • Hit Save when you're done!

Tip: You can also choose to accept payments, even if the Campaign has ended, by selecting the toggle under the end date.

If your Campaign is an Event, you'll need to make sure you change the Event's end date as well under the Event tab in the Campaign Manager. Keep in mind that the campaign end date and the event end date are two separate dates (although they can be the same day) and act separately.

For example, if your Event runs from January 1st to January 3rd, you want to set the Event end date to January 3rd.

However, you can continue to accept donations on your Event campaign even after the Event has ended. All you need to do is remove the campaign end date or set it to a date after the Event end date.

Or, you can stop accepting donations at the same time the Event ends, or at a later date, by setting a particular campaign end date using the steps above.

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