How to close an Account
You can only close an account if you haven’t received any donations via Givebutter yet.
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If you'd like to close a campaign rather than your account, you can turn off donations, set an end date, or delete a campaign altogether to stop accepting donations. Navigate here for more on closing a campaign.

How do I close an account?

If you are closing your account because you had a bad experience and/or will be using another platform, please message us first by clicking the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. We would love to learn more about your fundraising efforts and how we can help/improve.

Follow the direction below to Delete an Account:

  • Navigate to the Account Settings > About tab in your Dashboard.

  • From there, scroll to the bottom and press the red, Delete Account button. Deleting your account cannot be undone, so please be sure!

Note: An account that has already processed transactions cannot be deleted.

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