First, to enable Dedications, you'll need to head to your Account Settings in your Dashboard and navigate to the Tools tab.

Toggle the "Dedications (In Honor/In Memory Of)" switch to ON. Don't forget to press Save.

Once enabled, Dedications will instantly be added as an option on all of your past, present, and future campaigns. Check out the donation flow on one of your campaigns to see for yourself! 

Donors can check a box before completing their donation to give In Honor or In Memory of someone. If they do so, the donor can choose between "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of", add the honoree's name, and optionally add a recipient to receive an email notification about the dedication.

Note: Enabling Dedications on your account will enable it across all your campaigns. If you'd like to disable dedications on a specific campaign, please contact us.

Live Example

See this feature in action by going through the donation flow on any of our demo campaigns, found here (under "Fundraisers"):

Feature Availability

Dedications can be used with all of Givebutter's free products:

  • Collect – donation form, donate button, dues/payments

  • Fundraise – crowdfunding, team/peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Events – ticketing & registration

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