Maintain Aspect Ratio

For Page and Event campaigns, the recommended cover photo size is 1200px by 650px. The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height.

Here’s a classic example. Our friends at We Bee Spelling wanted to use the event flyer as their cover photo. They’ve turned on Maintain aspect ratio on the left, and on the right, they haven’t. Without Maintain aspect ratio enabled, the flyer would be cropped. 

If you’d like to maintain the ratio between the width and height of your original image, follow these directions. 

  • Navigate to your Dashboard and select the Campaign you’d like to edit.

  • Click the Details tab and upload the cover photo you want.

  • Toggle Maintain Aspect Ratio (the option won’t appear until you upload a photo).

  • The aspect ratio will change automatically. Success!

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