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How to adjust the aspect ratio of a cover photo
How to adjust the aspect ratio of a cover photo

Cover photo getting cropped on your Page or Event campaign? Toggle the aspect ratio to show the entire image.

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What is an aspect ratio? 📐

Aspect ratio refers to the height versus the width of an image. If the ratio is maintained, this means that the image isn't cropped to the default size of 1200px by 630px, which will affect the height of the displayed image.

For Page and Event campaigns, the recommended cover photo size is 1200px by 630px. You can use a different ratio/image size, however it may result in a cropped image. To fix this, you can turn on Maintain Aspect Ratio.

example comparison of aspect ratios

In the above example, the cover photo on the left side has a maintained aspect ratio – this means that the height of the original image is preserved, and it is not being cropped. The cover photo on the right does not have a maintained aspect ratio – this means that the image is being cropped to the default cover photo size.

Form campaigns also support a cover photo (recommended size: 1200px by 630px), however we do not currently offer the option to maintain the aspect ratio for Forms, and your image will be cropped if it is not 1200x630px.

Adjusting your aspect ratio ⚙️

  • On your dashboard, select the campaign you’d like to edit.

select campaign
  • Click the Details tab, and navigate to the Cover Photo section. If there isn't one already set, upload the cover photo you want to use. Please note that Form campaigns will not have a Cover Photo option.

  • Click the toggle to turn on Maintain Aspect Ratio. You will not see this option unless you have a photo uploaded. (You do not need to click Save to apply this change.)

toggle maintain aspect ratio button
  • Go to your campaign page to ensure that the image has been updated successfully. You may need to refresh the page if you already have the campaign page open on your computer.

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