By default, Givebutter is free from subscription fees to everyone. Every single one of our features, with the exception of custom branding and priority support, is completely free for anyone to use. Users don't pay anything to create an account and run a campaign, and never see a bill from us. For these reasons, tips go a long way towards sustaining our low-fee business model.

Any time you see the option to leave a tip on the Givebutter page, it is because the organization which you are supporting opted-in to add the ability for their supporters to tip Givebutter within their payment portal.

We do give our organizations the option to remove tips from their page. Many decide to include tips because we are providing a cutting-edge donation service with the best rates in the industry.

We do our best to make the tipping as clear and transparent as possible during the donation process.

The screenshot below highlights the point in the checkout flow where a supporter can opt-out of leaving a tip.

We are constantly releasing new features to help folks raise more for their causes, too (see our changelog)! Here is a short list of the many features and services we already offer to all Givebutter users with no limits, no hidden fees, and free forever:

  • Accept Venmo, PayPal, Apple/Google Pay, Credit Cards
  • Create simple, fast, powerful donation forms
  • Run social & engaging fundraising campaigns
  • Sell unlimited paid & free tickets to events
  • Invite unlimited members and teammates
  • Give from anywhere with Text-to-Donate
  • Embed Givebutter directly to a website
  • Send automatic emails & personalized receipts
  • Track, manage and grow donations over time
  • Quick and easy payouts via direct deposit
  • Live chat, email, and self-serve support
  • See more of our free features here. 

We pride ourselves in making all fees transparent. You can view our pricing page for a full breakdown of our different products and their associated fees. Without your tips, we would not be able to support our low-fee model and help you get back to what you do best, making the world a better place.

Learn more about our refund policy.

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