How to customize email branding

Set your logo, the URL your logo points to, and colors for all of your outbound Engage emails.

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Customizing your Engage email branding is a great way to reinforce your brand identity and establish trust with your contacts. You can customize your email branding in a number of ways, but keep in mind that you must already have Engage on your account before these options are available.

Add your logo ✴️

  • In your Givebutter dashboard, click on the Engage tab in the menu on the left side.

  • Click the Settings button in the top right of the page, then click the Branding tab.

  • Drag and drop to upload a logo. If you already have a logo set, but want to replace it, just click Replace Logo, and you'll be prompted to upload a new file.

A logo in a horizontal format is best, if you have one! The maximum size supported is 1MB, and the maximum height is 300px.

Add a logo hyperlink πŸ”—

The Email Logo Hyperlink section provides the option to send your contacts to a custom URL if they click on your logo in an Engage email they've received. Many organizations enter their own website here, but you can also leave it blank. If left blank, clicking the logo in an Engage email will send contacts to your Givebutter landing page.

email logo hyperlink

Select a brand color 🎨

Click on the color swatch to set a brand color. You can choose from the preset options, or enter a custom color via hex code.

brand color palette

Hex codes ⬣

If you want to use a custom color for your theme color, you'll need to input a hex code in the area shown in the above screenshot as "5F6DB3". A hex code is a six-digit color code, made up of numbers and letters, beginning in #. If you don't have a hex code handy, use an online color picker to choose a custom color!

The brand color you select in Engage will appear as the header backdrop in your outbound emails.

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