Integration Features

  • Sync all your Givebutter transactions into your Bloomerang account - including donations and tickets
  • Choose which Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals in Bloomerang you’d like your transactions mapped to on a campaign-by-campaign basis
  • Sync peer-to-peer fundraising data with soft credits, letting you track team member fundraising efforts
  • View and sync your Givebutter recurring donations into Bloomerang
  • Add & update Constituents in Bloomerang for every donation and/or ticket purchased on Givebutter

Getting Access

To get access to the Bloomerang integration, please contact your Bloomerang representative.

Setting up your Integration

Finding your Bloomerang API key

  1. Visit your Bloomerang dashboard and click the cog icon at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Select "View All Settings"
  3. Select "Edit" under "My Organization"
  4. Locate the "API Keys v1.0" section and copy the key under "Private API Key". Please note: Givebutter use the v1.0 API Keys, please ensure not to copy over the v2.0 key.

Adding your Bloomerang API key into Givebutter

  1. Visit your Givebutter Dashboard and click on the "Integrations" tab
  2. Locate the Bloomerang box and click "Expand". Note: If you don't see an "Expand" button and instead see a "Get in touch" button, your account has not been enabled to use the Bloomerang integration. Please contact your Bloomerang representative to get access.
  3. Paste in your Bloomerang API key and click Save.

Mapping your data

Mapping your Givebutter Campaigns to Bloomerang Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals

Once you've successfully connected your Bloomerang account to Givebutter, you can begin mapping your Givebutter campaigns to their appropriate Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals in Bloomerang.

Under the "Campaign Mapping" section of your Givebutter integration, you'll see a list of your Givebutter campaigns. 

For each campaign you'd like to sync to Bloomerang, click the "Expand" button to reveal selection boxes for your Fund, Campaign, and Appeal.

Choose a Fund, Campaign, and Appeal to map your Givebutter campaign to and click "Save". Note: only a Fund is required to send data into Bloomerang. If a Campaign or Appeals does not apply, you can leave them blank.

That's it! You're all set. Your Givebutter data will now be synced to the appropriate places in Bloomerang.

Refreshing your Bloomerang Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals

In the event that you create new Campaigns, Funds, or Appeals in your Bloomerang account, you'll need to refresh your Givebutter integration to gain access to those new fields.

  1. Visit your Givebutter Dashboard and click on the "Integrations" tab
  2. Locate the Bloomerang box and click "Expand".
  3. Click the "Refresh" button.

Turning off the integration

If you need to disable the Bloomerang integration for any reason, you may do so by turning off the switch labeled "Enable syncing with Bloomerang".

FAQ's and Support

My data isn't syncing, what's wrong?
First, check to ensure you've mapped your Givebutter campaign to the correct fields in your Bloomerang account. If you're still not seeing your data in Bloomerang, please reach out to our team by click the yellow chat bubble anywhere on our site.

How much does it cost?
Please contact your Bloomerang representative for pricing information.

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