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How to enable automated payouts
How to enable automated payouts

If you are eligible. follow these directions to enable automated payouts on your account.

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On Givebutter, all payouts made to your bank account are reviewed and manually approved by our fraud and security team. This helps ensure a safe platform for donors. For verified nonprofit accounts with existing payout history on Givebutter, we can enable automated payouts upon request!

Automated payouts are not a self-serve feature โ€“ they must be enabled by our team.

How it works ๐Ÿ’ธ

When enabled, automated payouts are made nightly for all campaigns that have an available balance of $100 or more โ€“ย this does not include pending funds. Automated payouts bypass the standard review process and are therefore processed quicker.

Requirements to enable โœ…

  1. Your account has verified nonprofit status on Givebutter.

  2. You have a payout method (bank account) linked on the Payouts page.ย 

  3. You have already completed at least one successful payout.

A payout is completed when the funds land in your connected bank account. Pending payouts do not count towards this requirement.

Once you meet the above requirements, please contact our team and request approval for automated payouts.

FAQ ๐Ÿค”

Can I disable automated payouts?

This is not currently a self-serve feature, however we can disable automated payouts for you upon request โ€“ย please contact us!

Do automated payouts include a payout tip to Givebutter?

Automated payouts do not include a tip to Givebutter. Payouts will be equal to the exact amount of funds you have available in your campaign.

Are beneficiary or chapter campaigns eligible for automated payouts?

Automated payouts are not yet supported for chapter or beneficiary campaign payouts. These types of payouts will still need to be made manually.

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