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How to leverage URL and HTML parameters
How to leverage URL and HTML parameters

Customize campaign links with a preselected amount, frequency, promo code and/or fund.

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What are URL parameters? ๐Ÿงฎ

URL parameters are bits of information appended to the end of a URL to pass data to the page. The result is a pre-selected checkout process with one or more of the desired parameters, on both links, and embedded Widgets!

The available parameters for Givebutter campaigns are:

  • amount - preselect an existing amount option (ie. 25, 50, 100, 250)

  • frequency - preselect an existing frequency option (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  • fund - preselect a fund by the fund ID (six-digit fund code)

  • promo - preselect a promo code (ie. EARLYBIRD)

Please note that it is not possible for Givebutter to pre-fill or pre-populate a donation form with individualized donor information (ie. name and address).

Using URL parameters โš™๏ธ

Parameters are applied to a URL by adding โ€˜?โ€™ to the end of the link. After the โ€˜?โ€™, parameters have a name=value syntax.

  • Example:

  • Widgets Example:

Multiple URL parameters โž•

You can also add multiple parameters to a URL! When more than one parameter is required, they must be separated by an โ€˜&โ€™.

  • Example:

  • Widgets Example:

Full URL examples ๐Ÿ”—

Pre-select amount and frequency:

Automatically apply a promo code:

Using parameters with Widgets ๐Ÿ“

Givebutter supports amount , frequency , fund and promo as widget parameters. If also using URL parameters, the priority is:

  • amount=25 as HTML tag parameter

  • ?amount=25 as URL parameter

Example usage:

<givebutter-widget id="xLWmpB" amount="25"></givebutter-widget>
<givebutter-widget id="xLWmpB" amount="25" frequency="monthly"></givebutter-widget>

FAQ ๐Ÿค”

What's the difference between URL parameters and UTM parameters?

URL parameters are elements added to a specific URL to pass information along when a link is clicked, ie. color=orange. These are not tracking-related. Read more about using URL parameters โ†’

UTM parameters are pieces of code added to your campaign URL to keep track of online traffic by attributing a source, ie. Facebook. These are useful if you want to track where a donor first clicked on your campaign, or what the final touch for conversion was. You can learn more about UTM parameters via GA4 (Google Analytics).

Are URL parameters supported on embedded campaigns/Widgets?

Yes! Third-party websites that use Widgets are also supported. See above for different applications for Givebutter and external URLs.

Can you use UTM and URL parameters together?

Yes! Any URL parameters can be used together in the same URL as long as they are properly formatted with "&" between each one. For example, you may want to use UTMs in addition to any of the available URL parameters (ie. promo codes) in the same URL they are sharing via email, social, or QR code.

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