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How to embed and host a Vimeo livestream on Givebutter
How to embed and host a Vimeo livestream on Givebutter

Information on using Vimeo as your platform for hosting a live stream on Givebutter.

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Livestream from Vimeo to a Givebutter event campaign

Find your Vimeo URL

To find your livestream URL on Vimeo, please reference this Vimeo help article about livestreaming.

Please note: livestreaming through Vimeo is currently only available with a paid subscription.

Add your URL to your campaign

  • Go back to your Givebutter dashboard.

  • Click on the campaign you want, and then on the Event tab.

  • Scroll down to the Livestream section.

  • Click Livestream on Givebutter.

  • Select Vimeo for the Video Platform.

  • Paste your Video URL

  • Choose whether to Manually control or Schedule when your livestream will show

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When you go live on Givebutter while your Vimeo stream is live, you will see your live stream playing on the campaign page.

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