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How to mark a transaction as acknowledged
How to mark a transaction as acknowledged

Use the heart button next to any transaction to keep track of various accounting scenarios.

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What does it mean? 🕵️

You may have noticed heart buttons on your Transactions page – this is how you can mark (and unmark) transactions as acknowledged. This option is completely flexible regarding how you want to use it and is also internal. Acknowledging a transaction doesn’t change anything about the transaction itself. No notifications are sent, and nothing is visible to the donor or the public.

You can mark both online and offline transactions as acknowledged. Some example uses of transaction acknowledgments include:

  • Marking payments as received (ie. mailed check payments)

  • Separating out donations given by staff members (or another group)

  • Marking special transactions that need follow-up, or an additional thank-you

How to acknowledge 💛

  • On your dashboard, go to the Transactions page, linked in the left-hand menu.

  • Find the transaction of interest.

  • Click the small heart icon next to the transaction. You'll find this item on the right side.

Please note that if you acknowledge a transaction, the supporter will be removed from the New Supporters section on your dashboard Home page.

  • To remove an acknowledgment, click the heart a second time to remove it.

Exporting acknowledgments 📁

You can see your acknowledgment data in a single place – a transaction export. First, you'll need to export your transactions to CSV format. After exporting your desired transactions, open the CSV file and follow these steps:

  • Scroll to the right until you find a column called acknowledged.

  • Note whether the rows say TRUE or FALSE.

    • TRUE means the transaction was acknowledged.

    • FALSE means the transaction was not acknowledged.

acknowledged status

If transactions are marked as acknowledged or unacknowledged after you generate this export, you need to pull another one for updated information.

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