Sending an end-of-year giving report, also known as an annual statement, is an excellent way to give your donors a complete summary of their past years' contributions and simultaneously thank them again for their support. It's also an opportunity to let them know how they have helped your mission, which is critical for donor retention and makes good sense.

You can generate end-of-year giving reports in Givebutter and easily share them as a PDF attachment or via a unique link. These individual reports contain a complete snapshot of donor history for the given reporting year, including all online transactions and any offline donations recorded by admins.

The video below shows you the process from beginning to end.

How to generate and share an End-of-Year Giving Report

  • Start by navigating to the Contacts tab and selecting the Contact you'd like to generate a report for.

  • Inside the Contact profile, select the Reports tab.

  • Next, click Generate Report to create a PDF summary with an overview of all the gifts this Contact has made in the period.

  • Select the desired reporting Year and click Generate

Note: If a report for the selected year already exists, it will replace the existing one.

  • Click the ellipsis (...) to View, Download PDF, or Delete a report

  • Click the share icon to create a shareable link to this report

Live Example

Preview an End-of-Year Giving Report shareable link

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