Using promo codes on Givebutter

1. Click Enter promotional code after clicking Donate & Tickets.

2. Type in your code and click GO!

3. Your code has been applied! Select your tickets and click Continue

4. Proceed through the checkout flow. On the final slide, you will see your discounted tickets. Fill in your payment details and click Finish

5. Your PDF tickets and email receipt will be sent to your email address immediately after the transaction successfully completes

How promo codes work

You can have unlimited uniquely named codes that can be set to active or inactive for any of your campaigns.

There are two types of discount codes you can offer:

  1. Fixed - i.e. $10 off

  2. Percent - i.e. 10% off‍

There are also two types of usage limits

  1. Unlimited (default): code can be used an unlimited number of times

  2. Limited: code can only be used X number of times

Promo code usage limits are currently in Beta, so please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you get all set up!

How to design promo codes for your campaign

  1. Navigate to your desired campaign via the Dashboard and visit the Event tab.

  2. Scroll down until you see the Promo Codes section. Click the New Code button. Here you can enter information on your Promo Code, including the code itself, the discount type (fixed, percentage), and the amount. You can also deactivate, edit, and delete Promo Codes in this section.

  3. Don't forget to hit Save when you are finished!

Live Example

See this feature in action by doing the following:

  1. Visit our demo campaign:

  2. Click Donate & Tickets

  3. Click Enter promotional code

  4. Enter EARLYBIRD, then click GO

  5. Promo code applied!

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