Whether you're hosting a public livestream on Facebook or a private Zoom webinar, Givebutter makes it easy to share your virtual event with anyone. Stream from anywhere and embed it right on your Givebutter campaign page on the day of the event. Use a mix of pre-recorded and live video, and leave your stream up after the event is over for visitors to re-live the live event experience.

What platforms are supported?

How do I embed my livestream video?

  1. Sign up for Givebutter then navigate to your Dashboard.

  2. Create or select an Events Campaign that you want to embed the Livestream video into.

  3. Navigate to the Event tab of the Campaign Manager. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Livestream section.

4. Select the Video Platform that is hosting your video.

5. Paste the URL to your video into the Dashboard.

Starting your Livestream

You have the option to schedule your Livestream, or control it manually. When scheduling, leaving off the optional end time will allow you to keep the video version of your Livestream up indefinitely (only compatible with certain platforms).

For manually controlling your Livestream, select the "Manually set your livestream live" option. Then when you're ready to go live, press "Start Livestream". When you're done, press "Stop Livestream".

When you go live from most platforms, viewers will see the cover photo automatically switch over to your Livestream regardless of if you started it manually or at a scheduled time. No refreshing necessary!

👉 FYI: When you go live from Youtube, viewers will need to push the play button that appears in your cover photo in order to view your livestream.

How do I find my URL?

Finding your URL depends on the platform you have chosen. For specific information, choose your intended platform:

How do I stream using Zoom?

To livestream on Givebutter using Zoom, you'll first need to port your stream to either Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or Vimeo Live. Once you have that setup, you can embed the stream directly on your Givebutter page.

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