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How to add an embedded video as a campaign cover photo
How to add an embedded video as a campaign cover photo

A guide to adding videos to Page or Event campaigns in place of a cover photo.

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It's easy to embed a video on your Page or Event campaign in place of a cover photo! You can add video hosted on any of our supported platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Vimeo.

A video featured at the top of your campaign is a great way to showcase your organization's mission, explain what donated funds will be used for, and motivate your donors to support your campaign.

Add a video as your cover photo 🎥

  • On any Page or Event campaign, navigate to the Details tab.

  • Below Main Details, you'll find the Cover Photo section.

  • Click the tab called Embed Video.

embed video
  • Select the platform your video is hosted on from the dropdown menu.

  • Enter your Video URL. This is the unique, direct link where your video lives.

Please note that your video visibility must be set to Public or Unlisted! Videos set to Private will not appear on your campaign.

  • Click Save when you're finished. Your video will take the place of your cover photo on your campaign page.

Want to feature multiple videos or images on your campaign page? You can embed multiple videos and photos in the Story section on your campaign!


If I used an image as my cover photo previously, can I switch it back?

If you previously had saved an image as your cover photo and swap to an embedded video, the image will be removed. If you want to remove your video and change it back to the image, you'll need to re-upload the image.

What's the difference between using a video as the cover photo and using a pre-recorded video as a livestream?

Both options provide a similar result on the campaign page, however a scheduled livestream is well-suited for timed events that may benefit from a social element or sense of urgency. Embedded video is ideal for informational or promotional content that doesn't require a social element.

Is it possible to add multiple cover photos or videos as a carousel or slider?

Only one cover photo or video can be selected at a time, and you cannot upload both a video and photo simultaneously. If you have additional media you would like to include, we recommend adding it to your Story section!

I embedded a video, but it isn't appearing on my campaign page.

Double check that the visibility or privacy settings are set to Public (visible to everyone) or Unlisted (visible to those with the link). If the video is set to Private, it will not embed properly, and will not appear on your campaign page.

Are YouTube Shorts supported?

Yes, YouTube Shorts are supported on Givebutter! Shorts are converted for viewing in a horizontal format, and are not cropped.

example youtube shorts cover photo

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