If this is your first time setting up a campaign, check out this Help Center article on Starting a Campaign.

If you’re looking to duplicate a campaign you’ve previously set up, you’re in the right place. Read on!

Duplicating your Campaign

  • To get started, select the Campaign you would like to duplicate in your Dashboard.

  • Select the [Settings] tab in your Campaign Manager and scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • Click the [Duplicate Campaign] button.

A pop-up will appear with information on what will and will not be copied over to your new campaign.

  • Click on the [Duplicate] button and Givebutter will make the copy.

Voila! A brand new campaign will appear in the Campaigns section of your left sidebar! 🎉

Hint: Be sure to change the Title of your new campaign, so you can differentiate it from the original! You can do that by selecting the new campaign and editing the first field on the Details tab.

Your brand new duplicate campaign will have all of the following copied over from the original:

✅ Title, Subtitle, goal, images, and theme color

✅ Story

✅ Settings

✅ Custom Fields

✅ Event details and discount codes

✅ Items & tickets

A few things WON’T be copied into your new campaign:

❌ Transactions

❌ Teams & team members

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