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See a detailed list of all your campaigns in one place

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The All Campaigns page lists all of your campaigns in one place, and displays important information about each. To access your All Campaigns page, click the All Campaigns option in the lefthand sidebar in your dashboard.

All Campaigns button

Menu and search options ⚙️

The All Campaigns page has a few different options for navigating and managing campaigns.

  1. Search – Locate a specific campaign

  2. New Campaign – Start a new campaign directly from this page

  3. Actions – Click Actions, then Export to download a list of your campaigns

  4. Filter – Filter campaigns by Supporters, Raised, Goal, and Campaign Type

all campaigns menu

Campaign information ℹ️

This page will list all of your campaigns. You can see a variety of useful information about your existing campaigns here.

  1. Campaign type – Form, Page, or Event

  2. Campaign codes – used for Transaction Imports

  3. Number of supporters

  4. Amount raised – includes goal amount, as applicable

  5. Status – Active, Completed (has met a set goal), or Inactive

  6. More options – Edit, Duplicate, or Delete a Campaign

List of campaigns options

If you would like to sort your campaigns, just click on the column heading at the top of the list. You can currently sort your All Campaigns list by campaign name, number of supporters, or amount raised.

Sort by column titles


Why can't I delete my campaign?

You will not be able to fully delete a campaign if it has already received transactions. In this case, you will need to close it out and make it inactive, instead of deleting it.

Can I sort my campaigns by another criteria, like event date?

Unfortunately not, but please feel free to add a vote to our feature request for sorting by event date.

My campaign is finished. Why isn't it showing as completed?

A campaign will only display as Completed if a goal has been set, and the goal has been met or exceeded. A campaign will not display as Completed if no goal has been set.

Completed campaign example

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