Use filters to group your contacts into segments based on criteria like their email activity, contact details, tags, and donation history. When you take the time to segment your contacts and send more targeted communications to the right people, you get better overall engagement and offer elevated donor stewardship.

How Filters and Segments work

With our filter and segmentation tool, you can organize your contacts into customized groups based on any combination of their total and recurring contribution history, the tags you've added, and contact details. After you Filter by the different criteria, it's compared to all of your contacts, and only those that meet the criteria will appear. To save that Filter, you'll create a Segment, and when you're ready to send an email, it can be sent directly to the Segment.

Segments are dynamic and get refreshed in real-time, so you're always sending to the most up-to-date group of contacts that meet your criteria.

How to Apply Filters to your Contacts

  • Log in to your Givebutter Dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Track tab in the left side panel > click into the Contacts subtab.

  • Click Add Filter + and select the desired logic from the drop-down. Repeat this step to add multiple filters.

  • Now, if you click Export, only the details of Contacts who are included in the filter will appear in the CSV.

How to create a custom Segment of Contacts

  • After Filtering your Contacts, click Save Segment. By creating a Segment, you can save your current filters to be quickly used next time.

  • Next, name the Segment and click Create Segment.

  • Now you'll see the Segment saved in the Contacts tab.

  • To edit a Segment, click Edit Segment.

  • You'll have the option to edit the Applied Filters, rename the Segment or Delete the Segment.

What to do with Contact Segments

Now that your Segment is created, it is saved in your account, and you're ready to create and send an email with personalized content to those Contacts in the Segment.

When you schedule an email, you can choose to send it directly to the segment. The segment refreshes before you send to pull the most current contacts that meet the filter criteria you specified in the segment. When you choose to send to the segment, it ensures that you're always sending to the most current list of contacts every time you send.

You can also use Segments to help apply Tags to Contacts by selecting each one; bulk tagging is coming soon!

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