Use the Campaign Update tool at strategic times during your campaign, such as halfway through or as you get close to your goal. Campaign Updates help generate excitement and a sense of urgency in your donors.

image with header of new campaign update that shows a thank message to all supporters

How to post a Campaign Update

To post a campaign update from your Givebutter Campaign, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Givebutter Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Campaign you’d like to update. You can do this by clicking the VIEW button (or the blue link) at the top of your campaign in your Dashboard.

    image shows the name of the campaign and has an arrow pointing to a button that says "view"
  3. On your Campaign Page at the top of the Supporter Feed, click NEW CAMPAIGN UPDATE. (This will be located under your Donate button, on the right side.)

    image shows an arrow pointing to a button that says "new campaign update"
  4. Add what you'd like your Campaign Update to say. You can add images, GIFs, embedded videos, links, and more! Click ADD UPDATE to post in the Supporter Feed.

example of blank message box to type a campaign update into

How to edit, pin, or delete a campaign update

Click the (...) in the upper right-hand corner of a Campaign Update to edit, pin, or delete a Campaign Update.

arrow points to the three dots to click in order to edit pin or delete a campaign update

Important notes about Campaign Updates

  • Updates are displayed directly on your Campaign Page in the Supporter Feed.

  • When you post an update, you’ll have the option to email all the campaign supporters. Please note that this option is only available to those who have Engage activated on their Dashboard. Learn more about Engage here.

  • Checking the "Pin this update" box will keep your update at the top of the Supporter Feed. You can also pin and unpin updates after they are posted.

  • Your donors can opt out of receiving future Campaign Updates by following the link at the bottom of the Campaign Update email. Click here to learn more about unsubscribes.

Tips for Campaign Updates

Use photos and videos

Powerful images encourage visitors to engage with your cause. Those who post Campaign Updates with photos and videos have a better conversion rate from page visits to donations. 👍

Report on the impact of donations

A great way to use the Campaign Update feature is to inform your donors of campaign progress or build excitement around upcoming events or live streams. 📣

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