How to place bids on auction items

Submit bids on Givebutter auction items from your desktop or mobile device

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Are you logged in? ๐Ÿ’ป

Before you can place bids on auction items, you'll need to make sure you're registered for the relevant auction! Once you're registered and logged in, you'll see the following three options on the campaign's auction page: Saved, My Bids, and Settings.

logged in bidder

If you aren't logged in or registered for the auction, you'll see a large blue button that says Register to Bid on the auction page instead.

Click on the item you'd like to place a bid on to get started!

Placing a bid ๐Ÿค‘

You can place bids on auction items on mobile and desktop devices, as long as you have internet access. The prompts are the same, regardless of device.

mobile and desktop

There are two ways an auction can be configured by the auction organizer โ€“ย standard bidding and automated bidding.

This is selected by the organization operating the campaign and auction โ€“ย a bidder is not able to edit the bidding method.

Standard bidding ๐Ÿ’ณ

If you're prompted to Enter your bid amount, enter the amount you'd like to bid on this item โ€“ย doing so will place a single bid on the item.

place bid โ€“ standard bidding

Standard bidding example: If you want to bid on an item with an opening bid of $100, you can enter any price you'd like to pay, as long as it's more than the minimum bid. If you enter $100, your bid will be locked in at $100, and if you enter $500, your bid will be locked in at $500.

If others bid higher than you, you will need to enter a new, higher bid each time.

Automated bidding + max bids ๐Ÿ“ˆ

If you're prompted to Set your maximum bid, enter the maximum amount you'd like to spend on this item, and our system will automatically place bids for you (calculating the lowest price that would make you the winner), up to the maximum price you've specified.

place bid โ€“ automated bidding

Automated bidding (max bid) example: If you want to pay a maximum of $200 for an item with an opening bid of $100, enter $200 as your max bid.

If there isn't any competition, your bid will be placed at $100, and increased automatically, depending on bids submitted by others. Your bid will never exceed $200. If the price of the item goes beyond your max bid of $200, you'll need to place a new, higher bid on the item.

FAQ ๐Ÿค”

What if two bidders enter the same max bid? Who will win?

If two people have the same max bid set, the person who entered their max bid first will win the item. Please note that the bid timestamps will reflect this, and therefore may appear out of order. This is expected.

I'm being asked to enter a max bid, but I don't want to use automated bidding.

While you cannot change the bidding method on the auction (this is selected by the organizer), all you need to do is place a max bid for the amount you'd like to start off at. Our system will never bid above the price you enter.

I'm registered to bid, but I'm not finding the auction. Where is the auction?

Once you're on the campaign page, there should be two tabs at the top of the page. One says Campaign, and one says Auction. You need to be on the Auction page to access the auction items and place bids.

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