Bidding wars can be fun, but to guarantee you don't lose that perfect item, use our max bid feature. πŸ’°

What is a max bid? πŸ€”

A max bid is the highest amount you'd be willing to pay for an item. Once you set your max bid, our system automatically detects the lowest amount that would make you the current winner for the item, and bids that on your behalf if it's below your max bid.

If someone else comes along and outbids you, our system will continue increasing your bid incrementally, until it reaches the max bid you have set.

If two people have the same max bid set, the first person who entered their bid will win the item.

How to set a max bid πŸ“ˆ

  1. Navigate to the item you want to place a max bid on.

  2. Click PLACE A BID.

  3. Enter the highest amount you are willing to pay for that item.

  4. Click PLACE MAX BID.

  5. Confirm by clicking YES.

    screenshot of steps three through five
  6. Click BACK TO AUCTION and see whether your bid has moved you to the winning position!

    max bid confirmation screen

  7. If you're outbid by someone else, you can place a higher max bid using these same steps.

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