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How to use contact households and relationships
How to use contact households and relationships

Add relationship information with our households feature

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Add households 🏑

  • From the Contacts tab, select the contact you want to edit or create a new household with.

  • Click on the Relationships tab and choose Join Household or Create New.

join household
  • Fill in a household name (for internal use in your dashboard) and an optional "envelope" name (used for Engage emails).

create household
  • Click either Add to household or Create Household

    • Contacts can only belong to one household at a time.

Household information is included in transaction exports.

Edit members ✏️

  • From the Contacts tab, select the contact you want to edit.

  • Click on the Relationships tab and all the current household members will appear in the section labeled with the household name.

  • Click the three dots [...] next to the person you want to edit.

  • Choose Remove from household or Make primary contact.

    • Changing a primary contact will take effect immediately.

    • Removing a household member will pop up a confirmation screen.

    • Removed household members can be added back to the same household.

edit members of a household

Add relationships πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

The relationship module may pop up when you add someone to a household. Choose the appropriate relationships and click Add to household to complete the link.

This is an optional setting – you can still add contacts to a household without defining their relationships.

add relationships

You can also add relationships for people who aren't in the same household! This is convenient if you have contacts that are co-workers, friends, or otherwise have relationships that wouldn't put them in the same household.

  • Locate the contact you want to update.

  • Click on Relationships and then Add relationship.

  • Search for the contact you want to create the relationship to.

  • Choose the appropriate relationships and click Create Relationship.

create a new relationship
  • To update or remove a relationship, click on the three dots [...] next to the relation and click Edit relationship or Delete relationship.

    • A deleted relationship can be re-created.

delete relationship

Household summaries πŸ“ˆ

If you have a household made up of multiple contacts, and at least one of the contacts has donated to your Givebutter campaign, you'll see a giving summary for the entire household under the Relationships tab. The household summary can be configured to view data from different time periods:

  • Year to date

  • Last year

  • All time

The household summary includes:

  • A chart of the household's total contributions, broken down by contact

  • Total number of individual transactions made in the time period

  • Average donation amount

  • Amount of the most recent donation

  • Largest donation a member of this household has given

Relationship options πŸ§‘β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘

  • Aunt

  • Brother

  • Brother-in-law

  • Co-worker

  • Cousin

  • Daughter

  • Daughter-in-law

  • Employee

  • Employer

  • Father

  • Father-in-law

  • Friend

  • Granddaughter

  • Grandmother

  • Grandfather

  • Grandson

  • Husband

  • Mother

  • Mother-in-law

  • Nephew

  • Niece

  • Partner

  • Roommate

  • Sister

  • Sister-in-law

  • Son

  • Son-in-law

  • Spouse

  • Step-brother

  • Step-daughter

  • Step-father

  • Step-mother

  • Step-sister

  • Step-son

  • Uncle

  • Wife

  • Other

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