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Where to start

There are a few easy ways to begin the sign up process:

  1. Go here! (givebutter.com/signup)
  2. Click "Sign up" anywhere on the Givebutter.com website
  3. If you already have an account, you can create a new group/organization by clicking the plus ( + ) button on the lefthand side of your dashboard or going to this link directly (must be logged in)

Creating your personal account

To begin, you have two options for creating your personal account:

  1. Continue with Facebook (recommended)
  2. Fill in all of the fields shown with your personal information

Creating your group/organization (optional)

This next step is key for anyone who wishes to fundraise as a group, company, team, nonprofit, and/or organization. You'll be asked for your group's name, university (if applicable), cover photo and logo. This information is necessary to get your campaigns started, create your group's landing page, and give your donors and members a visual cue they are already familiar with. Keep in mind, everything can be edited later.

If you are signing up as an individual, you can skip this step by clicking the link at the bottom.

Note: if you are having trouble uploading images, try making them smaller by resizing and then compressing at a website like tinypng.com.

That's it! Welcome to your new home for all things giving.

What's next?

Read our guides on starting a campaign and setting up your new account.

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