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After creating your campaign and setting it up, Admins have a number of tools at their disposal to customize how they want to start sharing it with the world. Not an Admin? Skip to the Team Members section below or ask the Admin to add you.

First, navigate to the [Sharing] tab in your dashboard to find a number of users sharing options (click the links for a guide on each):

  1. Customize your campaign link
  2. Embed your campaign
  3. Text-to-Donate
  4. Scan-to-Give
  5. SEO Settings

Team Members

After joining a Fundraise or Events campaign, members will see something that looks like this at the top of their campaign page:

Select the "Share" button at the top, and you'll see a slider come out from the right (on desktop) or bottom (on mobile).

You will have three options to share your campaign:

  1. Share your link
  2. Share on social 
  3. Share via email

Share your link 

Copy and paste your personal link or the main campaign link to share anywhere on the internet. 

Share on social 

Click the "Post on Facebook" or “Share a Tweet” button to share your campaign link right to those platforms. 

Personalize the pre-populated message then select “Log in and Tweet”.

Share via email

Automated Donor Invites is the best and fastest way to meet your fundraising campaign goals without spending hours and hours doing 1-1 outreach. And it couldn't be simpler to set up!

Below "Share via email" you'll see an email box with a Send button.

Tip: try your dropping in your own email to see how it works!

After an email address is submitted, Givebutter will immediately send an email to that person on your behalf that looks like this:

This is where the fun kicks in. We use intelligent link + email tracking to check if this person converts and donates to your campaign, and if they don't, we'll automatically send them reminders to do so! (note: we send up to 2 reminders, 3 days apart each). 

You'll get emailed of any new donations made to you, and if you want to check the status of your automated email campaign, you can just head back to the Share tab and glance at the icons, a green check indicates a donation. 

What’s next?

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