For a complete breakdown of your payout history, you can now export payout data right from your dashboard to an organized CSV file

How to export payouts to a CSV

1. Navigate to the Payouts tab of your dashboard. Here you will be able to view your funds available for withdrawal.

Note: If you do not see the Payouts tab, it is because you do not have Admin status on this account. See our article on Managing Admins to learn more about setting different user roles and permissions.

2. Click on the Payout History section. This will provide you with a browser view of all the payouts that you have withdrawn on our platform.

3. Click Export to CSV. You will be presented with an alert message letting you know that your export is being prepared and sent to your email!

4. Check your email. Click the Download CSV button or copy and paste the provided link into your browser.

Note: for security purposes, you must be logged in to Givebutter to view/download your CSV. If you’re having any trouble opening your link, be sure to double-check that you are logged in, as your email client may have redirected you to a different device/browser than the one you exported the CSV from.

The CSV file will then download to your device. Check your Downloads folder to open in a file reader like Excel or Numbers.

The following fields are available after exporting:

  • Reference #

  • Campaign name

  • Method

  • Status

  • Amount

  • Fee

  • Tip

  • Payout

  • Currency

  • Created at

Feature Availability

Export to CSV can be used with all of Givebutter's free products:

  • Collect – donation form, donate button, dues/payments

  • Fundraise – crowdfunding, team/peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Events – ticketing & registration

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