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How to submit a donation to a Givebutter campaign
How to submit a donation to a Givebutter campaign

Make a donation to a campaign on Givebutter, donate anonymously, and troubleshoot transaction issues.

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It's easy to submit a donation on a Givebutter campaign! All you need to do is walk through the checkout flow (for simple Form campaigns), or click the Donate button to launch the checkout flow (for Page and Event campaigns).

This button is customizable, so it may not say Donate or Donate & Tickets, which are the default options. No matter what it says, it'll be located in the upper right corner of the campaign page.

Donation amount and frequency 💰

  • After you launch the checkout flow, you'll be prompted to select an amount to submit. If you want to enter a custom amount, you can enter a number into the Other field. If there isn't an Other field, you must choose from the pre-selected options.

If this is an Event campaign and the organization is also selling tickets, you'll be prompted to select tickets first. You are not required to purchase tickets and make an optional donation, but you must choose one option to continue.

skip tickets
  • Ensure you've selected the correct donation frequency, as some campaigns default to One-Time donations, and some default to Monthly donations. If you accidentally submitted a recurring donation when you meant to choose a One-Time donation, you can cancel your plan by following these instructions.

Add a display name/message 👤

  • The Show your Support page is where you can add a display name for your transaction (you can also use a first name or nickname) and a customized message, including images and GIFs. You can skip this step if you do not wish to enter a display name or message.

display name

If you add a display name, the organization will still receive your billing information (full name), but it will not appear publicly. Only the display name will appear on the campaign page publicly.

Tips, fees, and payment 💸

On the last step, you'll be prompted to finalize your transaction information and submit the payment.

  • Review your donation amount, including processing fees.

    • To remove fees from your donation, click Edit and untick the box. Please note that this means that the processing fees will come out of your donated amount as a result.

  • You may be prompted to leave a Tip for Givebutter. Tips are always optional and never come out of your donation. You can read more about Tips if you'd like to learn about our transparent pricing model.

  • Allow [organization name] to contact me refers to opting into communications directly from the mailing list of the organization you are donating to, not Givebutter. This does not refer to transactional emails (like receipts), which will be sent to you either way.

  • Depending on the settings chosen by the organization, you may also be given the option to donate in memory of or in honor of someone.

Donating anonymously 👻

If you don't want your name to appear on the public-facing campaign page, all donors have the option to submit their donation anonymously. If you haven't yet submitted your donation, you can remain anonymous by checking the box that says Hide my name or amount from public view before completing your donation. This option is located on the last page of the checkout flow. You can choose to anonymize/hide the following options:

  • Both your name and amount (by default, both will be hidden if you check this box)

  • Your name (will appear as "Anonymous" on the campaign page)

  • Amount donated

donate anonymously

Your information will always be privately shared with the campaign organizer, and you will still receive an emailed receipt. Any messages or images you add to the Show your Support step will still be displayed publicly.

It is not currently possible to donate anonymously via the Givebutter mobile app. Please see the feature request for anonymous app donations!

If you’ve already submitted your donation and would like to remove your name or amount from the public campaign page, you have two options:

  • Contact the organizer of the campaign – they can remove the post entirely.

  • Contact us at Givebutter – we can remove information such as your name, amount, or message.

Currently, admins can only hide an entire transaction in the Supporter Feed. To edit a post after it’s been submitted or remove select information, you’ll need to contact Givebutter support. If you are an admin interested in being able to anonymize transactions yourself, please see our feature request for admin access to this option!

Payment options 💳

The payment methods shown on Givebutter campaigns are dynamic, meaning only the relevant methods will appear. These options include:

  • Credit or debit card

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • Digital Wallets (Apple Pay and Google Pay)

  • ACH (if enabled)

  • DAFpay (if enabled)

  • Check (if offline payments are enabled)

You can browse a full list of available payment methods on Givebutter, including troubleshooting for each payment type.

Locating a campaign 🔍

If you don't have the direct link to the campaign page you'd like to donate to, you may find the following tips helpful:

  • View social media posts, or emails from the organizer. This is a common way for organizations to share their Givebutter campaigns.

  • Search for the name of the campaign on the Givebutter Explore page. Please note that you'll need to independently verify the correct campaign – we cannot transfer donations between campaigns if you donate to the incorrect campaign.

  • Contact the campaign organizer and ask them to share the link.

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