How to sell raffle tickets on Givebutter

Follow these directions to use our Events ticketing feature to sell raffle tickets.

Please Note: Every state has unique laws and guidelines around the online sale of raffle tickets. Please check with your state's office of charitable gaming to make sure you are in compliance prior to selling raffle tickets on Givebutter.

1. Create your raffle tickets as tickets in a Givebutter Events campaign

2. Email the following information to Givebutter Support at [email protected] and we will convert your tickets to items and set quantity limits.

Note: Converting your tickets to items will make sure supporters aren't asked for their information for each individual ticket

  • Confirm your campaign URL
  • Specify the names of the tickets which you'd like to convert to items
  • Specify if any raffle tickets have a per transaction limit. Example: Limit 5 tickets available per transaction.
  • Note: Tickets converted to Items are not included as a scannable ticket PDF in automated receipts sent to donors. Items will also not appear in the Tickets tab and donors will not be required to add per ticket information.

3. To report on your raffle ticket sales, export your transactions to CSV

Add photos to your ticket descriptions by adding basic HTML to the ticket description.

  • Add <img src="publicly hosted image link"> , to your ticket description
  • Note: the image must be publicly hosted and cannot be saved exclusively on your device
  • Don't forget to press Save for each ticket

Items with images will present this way in the Transaction Flow:

Add Custom Fields to collect pertinent information

  • Add custom fields to your campaign to collect any additional required information per transaction.
  • Example: mailing address, shirt size, meal option, etc.

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