You can add members to both your account and your campaigns. Whether you're one person, a student org with ten people, or a nonprofit with ten thousand volunteers, you can benefit from adding members--it's one of the best features on Givebutter. If you haven't yet, we recommend creating a campaign first.

Adding Team Members

There are three easy options for adding team members to Fundraise and Events campaigns.

Note: You cannot add team members to Collect campaigns.

Inside the Campaign Manager for any Fundraise or Events campaign, you'll see a tab named "Team"

This tab presents three options that you can use to add team members to your campaign: email invite, shareable link, and public join button. Anyone who joins your campaign through any of these methods will also join your account automatically. Here's what they look like in action:

1. Adding via email invite (in the Members Tab):

2. Adding via shareable link (Copy/paste from the Team Tab):

3. Adding via public join button (Enable the "Join this Fundraiser" button in the Team Tab):


Add existing members as team members of a campaign

Once people join your group (i.e. from a previous campaign or by direct email invitation), you can easily set them as team members of any past, present, or future campaign in your account.

To add existing members as team members of a campaign, click the checkbox next to their name in the "Members" tab and then click "Add to Campaign" > choose a campaign from the dropdown > Done.


Adding members to your account (not a campaign)

Alternatively, you can add members directly to your account without having them join a particular fundraising campaign.

You can do so by clicking "Invite Members" inside of your Members tab, without checking the box that says "Invite these members to fundraise for a campaign?". 

This is particularly useful if you wish to add someone strictly as an admin or editor to your account, without adding them as a team member of a fundraising campaign. Learn more about the different user roles and how to set them here.


Sending reminders

You can easily send email reminders to anyone that you invited via email from the "Members" tab.

You can only send one reminder per 24-hour period, but it's an incredibly effective way to make sure you stay on top of people who haven't yet joined your group.

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