Givebutter automatically issues donation receipts to donors, which can be customized at both the Account and Campaign levels with a message and additional calls to action. Your expressed gratitude helps increase the bond a donor has to your cause. Show your appreciation by saying “thank you”, making it personal, and providing clear next steps for engaging further.

Create a Custom Receipt for the entire Account:

  1. In your dashboard’s sidebar, below your Account Name, click the [Account Settings] button

  2. In the Account Settings tab, scroll down to the “Thank you message” text field and enter your personalized text.

  3. Click [Save]

At the Account level, the same message will be sent to every donor in every Campaign. Let your organization’s personality shine, but keep it generic enough to acknowledge any contribution. 

Create a Custom Receipt for an Individual Campaign

  1. In your Dashboard’s sidebar, navigate below the word “Campaigns”, click the [Specific Campaign]

  2. Under your Campaign’s name, click the [Settings] tab.

  3. Navigate to “Donor thank you message” and enter your personalized text.

  4. Click [Save]

At the Campaign level, the same message will be sent to every donor in this specific campaign. Add a level of personalization by tailoring the message to each Campaign’s specific cause. 

Here’s your Custom Receipt!

Check out all the features of our Automatic Receipts. When adding a custom thank you message, we now support line breaks and HTML content.

Branded receipts are available with Pro.

Feature Availability

Customizable Receipts are available with all of Givebutter's free products:

  • Collect – donation form, donate button, dues/payments

  • Fundraise – crowdfunding, team/peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Events – ticketing & registration

  • Platform – CRM (dashboard)

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