Automatic Receipts for Donors

Givebutter automatically issues email receipts after every donation and/or ticket purchase, which can be customized at both the Account and Campaign levels with a message and additional calls to action. Your expressed gratitude helps increase the bond a donor has to your cause. Show your appreciation by saying “thank you,” making it personal, and providing clear next steps for engaging further.

Here are the highlights:

🙏 Thank you message - When adding a custom thank you message, you can include line breaks and HTML content.

🖥 Campaign - The campaign section highlights your campaign and organization, with a link to your Givebutter campaign page.

🏆 Verified Non-profits and EIN - If you're a verified nonprofit organization on Givebutter, we display a yellow verification badge as well as your EIN.

🖼 Custom Donation - This section highlights the team member credited, if applicable, and displays the message left by the donor in the Supporter Feed.

💛 Dedication - If a donor left a dedication, they'll see that information on their receipt.

🎟 Tickets & Event Details - The ticketing and event section makes details easily accessible.

📱 Sharing - Our sharing bar allows easy sharing of your campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Add a custom thank you message

At the Account level

  • Navigate to the Account Settings > Tools tab Account Name

  • Scroll down to the “Thank you message” text field and enter your personalized text.

  • Click Save.

At the Account level, the same message will be sent to every donor in every Campaign. Let your organization’s personality shine, but keep it generic enough to acknowledge any contribution. 

At the Individual Campaign level

  • Navigate to the campaign you'd like to manage.

  • In the Settings tab of the Campaign Manager, navigate to “Donor thank you message” and enter your personalized text.

  • Click Save.

At the Campaign level, the same message will be sent to every donor in this specific campaign. Add a level of personalization by tailoring the message to each Campaign’s specific cause. 

Automatic Receipts for Admins & Team Members

As an admin or team member, Givebutter also makes it super easy to follow up with an even more individualized thank you message by sending you an email notification that someone has just donated. We'll set the donor's email address as the Reply-To address, and link to their email address ("Send ____") in the email body as well:

Automatic Receipts for Offline Donations

Automatic receipts are also sent for Offline Donations, which you can process right from your Dashboard.

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