What are the benefits of getting verified?

Verified nonprofits are indicated by a special checkmark across all Givebutter pages, which gives donors peace of mind and added confidence when giving to your organization.

Verified nonprofits are able to process ACH Payments 🏦

Givebutter is excited to offer ACH Payments as a lower-cost payment option on any campaign with no additional setup required. Please click here to learn how you can gain access to ACH Payments on Givebutter.

Verified nonprofits have a shorter pending period for all transactions! 💰

Instead of the standard 72-hour pending period, verified nonprofits have access to a shorter pending period of only 48 hours!

In addition, nonprofits will receive exclusive access to the following benefits:

  • Automate your tax-deductible donation receipts to always include your EIN (otherwise you would have to add this manually and it's unverified by Givebutter)

  • Receive exclusive and early access to new features, resources, and co-branded materials exclusively for nonprofits on Givebutter

  • Appear in various prominent locations of the Givebutter website as a verified fundraising and donation option for visitors (coming soon)

How can I get my nonprofit verified?

If your organization holds 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, you may be eligible for holding verified status on Givebutter.

As an account admin, once you have verified your email address in the Givebutter Dashboard, you can verify your account as belonging to a registered nonprofit organization.

  1. Verify your email address by following these directions.

  2. Select Get Verified in the Home tab.

  3. Follow the steps for verification.

As long as your email address has the same domain as the URL listed for your organization in the Guidestar Database, your nonprofit verification will be automatically approved.

If the email address you’re using does not have the same domain as the URL listed for your organization in the Guidestar Database, please change your email to an email on that domain and re-verify your email address. Update your email address by clicking the [Edit your Email] button in Step 1: Verify your email or by following the instructions in this guide.

If you do not have access to an email address on the organization’s domain, your verification request will need to be manually reviewed, please contact us.

Note: Givebutter reviews all manual verification requests on a case-by-case basis and acceptance is not guaranteed. If Guidestar determines that your organization does not have nonprofit status or is not in good standing with the IRS, your verification request will be denied.

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