Creating and editing your tickets 

When creating an Events Campaign, you can customize your Unlimited Ticket Types by name, price, quantity available for purchase, when ticket sales start and end, description, and more! You can even add a custom message to the confirmation email.

  1. Select your Events Campaign 
  2. Navigate to the [Event] tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Tickets” section.
  4. Select [Add ticket type] or [Edit] next to an existing ticket 

Not seeing these options? Try switching your Campaign Type to “Events”.

4. Customize your Ticket Name, Price, Quantity, Description
5. Don’t forget to press [Save]

Tip: Multiple ticket types are automatically sorted from least to most expensive. Contact us if you'd like to adjust the default order of your tickets

6. If tickets are required to attend, make sure this option is toggled on and press   [Save]. We will display a message on your campaign and email receipts to remind guests. This is particularly important if you plan to use our Ticket Scanning feature.

💥 Boom, you’re one step closer to registration!

Hosting a free event but looking to have guests RSVP? Just add one free ticket type and attendees can register through Givebutter. When tickets are free, and you aren’t charging, Givebutter is totally free to use. This free registration model is commonly used in conjunction with our popular (optional) Event Donation Features.

Are you interested in Promo Codes? Offer percentage, fixed, and date/quantity-limited discounts (i.e., EARLYBIRD). Promo codes are currently in Beta, so please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you get all set up!

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