Before setting up your Campaign, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set up your account by navigating to “Account Settings” in the top left corner of your dashboard. Your Account Settings act as a template for any Campaigns you create, so it’s always a great place to start. 

Note: any template details that you add in the Account Settings, such as a Cover Photo, can be overridden at the Campaign level.

Setting up your Collect Campaign

Every Givebutter Campaign has a Campaign Manager and customizable features that are managed from your dashboard

To edit your Campaign Details, click on the Campaign Name you’d like to edit, found below your Account Name on the left side of the dashboard.

Navigating the Collect Campaign Manager


  • Add a Title; it's your Campaign Name, used on your Landing page, emails, and in many places throughout Givebutter.
  • Add a Description; it's an explanation of your Campaign that appears directly below the Title. 
  • Add a Theme Color to customize the look and feel of your campaign pages and donate flow


  • Customize your Campaign link 
  • Access the code for your embeddable widget, accept donations on your website with a single line of code
  • Access the directions for enabling our text-to-donate feature.
  • Manage your SEO Title and Description used on Google and when sharing on social media. We use your campaign title by default.


  • Toggling Publish campaign makes this campaign publically viewable and live 
  • Toggling Accepting donations turns donations on and off
  • Require donor phone numbers, turning this on will always require donors to enter their phone numbers.
  • Enable Givebutter Express, turning this on will let donors speed through checkout faster without collecting addresses.
  • Change your Campaign type between Collect, Fundraise, and Events 
  • Personalize the thank you message that appears in the Custom Receipt sent to donors of this particular Campaign
  • Delete the Campaign if you haven't raised any funds

What's next?

Learn how to set up a Fundraise or an Events Campaign. 

Ready to move forward with Collect? Great, learn more about sharing your campaign.  

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