At Givebutter, we believe your account should be as unique as the organization or individual it represents.

Let's get started personalizing your experience. 

Setting up your new Account

Each account on Givebutter has its own settings, which essentially act as a high-level overview/template for all of your campaigns and account activity on the site. New campaigns, chapters, etc., can inherit these details by default. 🤗

To begin editing your account details, click on the ACCOUNT drop-down in the left-hand menu bar of the Givebutter Dashboard.

an arrow points to the account header


General Details: edit your account name and tagline

  • Your account name is used on your campaigns, emails, and in many places throughout Givebutter.

  • Your tagline is a short, one-line description that appears below your name on your Landing page.

Social Accounts: add the links to your social accounts

  • Social links display on the Giving Hub to make it easier for visitors to find and follow you.

Danger Zone: delete the Account

  • You can only delete your account if you have not yet raised any funds.


General: these settings act as a template for your campaigns. You can override them on each campaign.

  • Enable Recurring Donations across all your campaigns

  • Enable a way for donors to dedicate a donation in honor or memory of someone

Thank You Message: this message will appear in the email receipt supporters receive.

  • You can override this message and send yourself a test by visiting the Settings tab on individual campaigns.

Funds: allow supporters to designate their contribution to a specific fund.

  • Add new funds, edit or delete existing ones, and export information to CSV about the funds.


Logos: personalize your Account's branding.

  • Main Logo: Used on your campaign pages, landing page, etc.

    • Recommended size: 400px by 400px, max size: 500kb

  • Email Logo: Used on your automated receipts and event reminders.

    • Recommended size: 400px height, max size: 500kb

Cover Photo: This image is used on your Giving Hub and as a default image for your campaign's social media image when the link is shared.

  • Recommended size: 1200px by 400px, max size: 1mb

Theme Color

  • This color will display on your Landing Page or Giving Hub and as the default on all your campaigns.


Givebutter integrates with third-party applications so that you don't have to make those connections here. Learn more about Integrations here.


The Landing Page/Giving Hub is a home for all of your campaigns on Givebutter. Your Settings tab will say Landing Page if you have a Landing Page or Giving Hub if you have a Giving Hub. 👍

Landing Page/Giving Hub

  • Customize your Landing Page/Giving Hub link

Note: Changing this URL will break any previous links.

Giving Hub

  • Enable and manage your Giving Hub. It will replace your Landing Page.


  • Mission Statement: This will only appear on a Giving Hub. You can display your organization's mission statement by writing it here.

  • About your organization: This will only appear on a Giving Hub. You can display information about your organization by writing it here. It's formattable, and you can insert images, videos, links, files, and more!

General Donations

  • This enables a campaign to accept general donations on your landing page and Giving Hub.


Only Account admins will see the users tab and have the ability to invite new admins and editors to manage this account. You can also change existing users' roles here.


Create a new import or view your import history here. You can see failed imports as well and export files with just the failed imported data so you can make changes and import again without duplicating data.

What's next?

Learn how to start a campaign or add admins/editors to help manage your campaigns. 

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