Setting up your new account

Accounts Details

Each Account on Givebutter has its own settings, which essentially act as high-level overview / template for all of your campaigns and account activity on the site. New campaigns, chapters, etc. can inherit these details by default.

To edit your Account Details, click on the "Settings" button below your Account Name in the top left corner of the dashboard.

General settings:

  • Name - your Account Name, used on your campaigns, emails, and in many places throughout Givebutter.
  • School / University - if your Account is affiliated with a university, you have the option to add it here. This can help potential donors and alumni find your campaigns.
  • Tagline - A short, one line description that appears below your name on your Group Page.
  • Logo - Recommended logo size: 400x400. Max size: 500kb.
  • Cover photo - Recommended cover photo size: 1200x400. Max size: 1mb.

About Settings:

  • Any content you add here will appear on your Group Page and as the Story for any new campaigns you create (can be overwritten).

Social Settings:

  • Add your general email address, website, and social media links to make it easier for visitors to find and contact you.

Advanced Settings:

  • Short Group Name -  Set a short name or acronym for your group. This is used in places where your Account Name is too long and may get cut off.
  • Custom Group Link - This is the link where your Group Page lives. Please note that changing this will break any previous links.

Group Pages

As mentioned several times above, every group account has a Group Page, which you can find by clicking the "Group page" button next to "Settings" in the top left of the dashboard. This is where your campaigns live and acts as a central hub for all of your fundraising activity on Givebutter. 

Here is a demo of a Group Page!

Your Profile

Your profile lives inside the circle at the top right corner of your dashboard. Click on that to see the option for "My profile" — this is where you can update your profile picture, email, name, and password.

Multiple Accounts

Every User on Givebutter can be a member of unlimited Accounts. This is useful because you can easily create, manage and switch between Accounts without having to set up multiple users & passwords. To create a new Account and toggle between any existing ones, simply click on the Account Switcher in the top left corner of the dashboard.

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