What is Givebutter?

Givebutter is the best way to give online.

Instead of using a mix of dull and expensive tools, Givebutter brings together everything you need to give effectively into one simple, integrated platform that's fun and easy to use.

What can I do with Givebutter?

  • Collect dues and donations with a simple but powerful form - See Collect

  • Run social fundraising campaigns as an individual or with a team of any size - See Fundraise

  • Sell tickets and register attendees for in-person or digital events on top of a fundraising campaign - See Events

  • Stream your event and collect donations – all in one place, all in real-time. - See Livestream Fundraising

How does Givebutter work?

Givebutter provides tools to help you collect donations, fundraise, and sell tickets.

Credit card processing fees are 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. These fees always apply no matter where you give online, but on Givebutter they are completely transparent and covered by over 95% of supporters, resulting in an average fee of less than 1% overall.

To help support our free and transparent business model, all supporters have the option to tip Givebutter. If you want to disable tips, there is an additional platform fee of 1-5% based on campaign type. Other than fees, it's completely free to use every feature on our platform, without limit.

What's next?

Read our guides on Getting Started or jump right in and sign up in minutes.

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